Commercial Property Litter Picking & Cleanup Services

We are pleased to offer litter picking and cleanup services for commercial properties, small office complexes, strip malls and parking lots.

These days everyone is rightly concerned about the environment, particularly how much plastics and waste are finding their way into our waterways and natural areas. Businesses are much more aware of their obligations and how they can make a positive difference.


Our commercial lot litter cleaning improves your property and helps the environment

JunkXS can help your business have a positive impact on its surroundings by picking up the litter and trash that in some cases becomes an eyesore, an environmental danger and even a health hazard. We help you be a better landlord, and a better neighbour!

Litter removal from Etobicoke and Toronto business properties may not seem like a big deal, but you’d be surprised how harmful the litter on your property is to wildlife, waterways and the environment in general. We provide companies with a cost-effective entry point into responsible environmental stewardship through commercial litter control.

We promote healthy commercial surroundings and play a key role in helping your property appear tidy and well-maintained – which means retaining and attracting new tenants to a property as well as improving a company’s image in the community.

JunkXS can pick up the litter on your commercial property on a one-off or regular basis – the frequency is up to you. Maybe you need daily, weekly or monthly service, maybe you just need a clean up a couple of times a year – we can help! We operate lot cleaning services outside of regular business hours to allow us to complete the job quickly and easily with no traffic or parked cars around.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and to arrange a no-obligation site visit where we can give you an accurate quote.

Trash, cigarette butts and other pieces of litter create an unsightly look that can tarnish your image in the community. Having someone clean your property on a regular basis is the most cost-effective way to preserve your image and keep your property looking great, year round!

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