Get a head start on your spring cleaning and have a productive weekend project by going through the list of 17 ideas below, and decluttering your home of all the stuff you don’t want, don’t use and don’t need!

  • Clothes that don’t fit you, no longer appeal, are damaged and you have no serious intention of repairing or you don’t feel good in. Ditto for jewelry, handbags, shoes, ties, belts and other accessories. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, you won’t miss it and don’t need it!
  • Empty hangers that take up precious space on your closet rods and make it difficult to move and access your clothes. Purge the excess and buy a hanger organizer to hold the rest. Store it on the floor of the closet or someplace else convenient nearby.
  • Owner’s manuals for items you no longer own, expired warranty paperwork, outdated wills, supporting documents for tax returns filed more than seven years ago, old annual reports from stocks and mutual funds.
  • Old electronics that you no longer need, use, want or are in good working order and the cables and cords that came with them: cellphones, PDAs, beepers, pagers, cameras, VCRs, DVD players, computers, iPads, iPods, Kindles, Nooks, other tablets and e-readers, audio equipment, TVs, etc. If they still have value and you’re interested in selling them, do it right now. If you aren’t, put them in a pile and get it removed by JunkXS or another junk removal company who will dispose of e-waste and electronic items responsibly and correctly. Be sure to securely wipe any personal data from your electronics before you sell or dispose of them.
  • Items you’ve been planning to fix…for longer than you can remember! If a broken item was truly a priority, you probably would have fixed it already. Either fix it right now or get rid of it.
  • Books, newspapers and magazines you own that are old or no longer interest you. Move them out to make space for books that do and to give someone who might find them interesting an opportunity to enjoy them.

Easy ideas to help you declutter your home this weekend

  • Some of your children’s artwork. Pick out the best and let the rest go. Otherwise, you’ll probably find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of your little Picasso’s output! To avoid any potential upset, be sure to involve your children in the decision making process.
  • Supplies for pets you no longer own, especially if you don’t plan on getting another pet of that type anytime soon.
  • Games and toys your family has outgrown.
  • Items broken or missing their mates or any vital component: single socks, shoes or gloves; plastic storage lids missing their matching storage containers; the belt to a piece of clothing you no longer own; toys or games with missing parts or pieces, etc.
  • Office supplies that are past their prime like bottles of dried out correction fluid or dried up pens. The excess stock of items it would take you two lifetimes to use. Items you haven’t utilized in years and are unlikely to need in the future.
  • Supplies for hobbies or crafts you no longer do (or maybe never got around to doing in the first place!).
  • Expired vitamins, supplements and over-the-counter medications.
  • Expired beauty/personal care products like make-up (yes, it expires) and nail polish (it expires, too).
  • Expired food items. If you want to know how long your favorite food or drink will stay safe and tasty and the best way to store it, visit the informative website
  • Leftover holiday cards from past years that have your family’s picture(s) and the date on them. Keep one or two as memorabilia and release the rest.
  • Empty packaging and boxes from electronics, if the item is past the store’s return by date. Only keep the box/packaging if you’ve confirmed with the manufacturer of the item (and the issuer of any extended warranty you purchased) that it needs to be returned in its original packaging should a problem occur during the warranty or extended warranty period.Also keep the box/packaging if you plan to sell the item within 3 years of its purchase date and the original packaging will add value to the product’s asking price when you sell it. If an item is a lemon, you don’t need the original packaging to return it.

    If you move, you can wrap your electronics in towels, blankets or bubble wrap, pack them in traditional cardboard boxes and surround them with biodegradable packing peanuts, crumpled, unprinted, newsprint sheets or other void fill.

    Other reasons to pitch empty boxes whenever possible is that they can attract mice and other pests, create a fire hazard and waste a significant amount of storage space. Since packing supplies are easy to obtain, don’t unnecessarily sacrifice precious storage space to empty boxes.

Now you’ve got a huge heap of junky old stuff you don’t want, get it hauled away quickly and easily by us :)

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