Deceased Estate Cleanout

JunkXS offers full deceased estate property removal and cleanout services. 

We have been through the same thing ourselves and are pleased to provide sympathetic, careful removal of junk and unwanted items from deceased estates. We realise how difficult it is to clean out a deceased friend or relatives property – but it is necessary to do it, and a healthy part of the grieving process to enable you to fully move on. We won’t rush or pressure you and will work with you to carefully remove the things you want taken from the property, with no mess and no fuss.

We’ll give you a guaranteed all-inclusive flat-rate estimate on seeing the property, ensuring you don’t over pay – and there are no nasty surprises or extra charges.

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Our Junk Removal Promises

We Deliver Coffee & Remove Junk

We’ll deliver you a coffee which you can enjoy while we remove all your junk. Sometimes, we might even throw in a donut!

Good Service, Honest Pricing

We take pride in the work we do, charge a fair price and firmly believe in looking after our customers. :)

We’ll Remove Anything (Almost)

We can remove virtually anything you want us to – except hazardous materials. Just tell us what you need to go and we’ll do the rest!

Recycle & Donate Wherever Possible

We try our hardest to keep as much stuff out of landfills as we can by recycling and donating usable stuff wherever possible!

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

we accept all major credit cards

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