Garage Demolition Services

JunkXS offers garage demolition services in Etobicoke, Mississauga and all over the Toronto area.

Got a nasty, rotten old wooden-framed garage that is nothing but an eyesore you wish would just…go away? We can help! We can carefully demolish your old garage and haul the scrap material away for you – quickly and efficiently. We’ll leave the space clean and clear, ready for whatever you want to do next.

We’ll take your old garage down carefully and safely with no heavy noisy machinery – just good old fashioned power tools and hard work. This may take us a few hours longer than knocking it down with a bobcat or backhoe – but it makes it safer and easier to keep the area cleaner and clearer and means a lot less disturbance for you and your neighbours.

This hands-on approach also allows us to salvage more materials and recycle them wherever possible – instead of just smashing everything into unusable broken pieces and dumping it into the landfill.

The cost of wood-frame garage demolition varies, but as a guide we typically charge around $900-$1,600 to demolish an average size single garage and load/haul away the waste wood and other materials. Obviously this varies according to the size of the building, how it’s built, materials, etc.

All labour and disposal fees are included in the price we quote you. If the garage is full of stuff that needs removing, we would also offer garage junk removal in addition to the demolition. As always we will agree a firm flat rate price for everything with you before we start work – so you’ll always know what you’re paying with no nasty surprises.

Please note that if there are water, gas or electric connections to your garage, these must be disconnected before demolition begins – this is your responsibility and is not included in our labour/hauling/demolition fees.

For an accurate price, fill out our schedule form linked below and we’ll come and take a look and give you a firm estimate on the spot – with no hidden extras or surprises :)


Our Junk Removal Promises

We Deliver Coffee & Remove Junk

We’ll deliver you a coffee which you can enjoy while we remove all your junk. Sometimes, we might even throw in a donut!

Good Service, Honest Pricing

We take pride in the work we do, charge a fair price and firmly believe in looking after our customers. :)

We’ll Remove Anything (Almost)

We can remove virtually anything you want us to – except hazardous materials. Just tell us what you need to go and we’ll do the rest!

Recycle & Donate Wherever Possible

We try our hardest to keep as much stuff out of landfills as we can by recycling and donating usable stuff wherever possible!

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

we accept all major credit cards

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